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    Lifts and slopes
    Brembana Valley - Bergamo
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    Sciare in Valle Brembana
    snow is guaranteed
    in every ski resort of Alta Valle Brembana
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Mountains of the valley Brembana,
retain a natural charm and magic

Tens of downhill slopes and to the bottom, natural or artificial snow guaranteed until late spring, plant and equipment of hotel good, skiing itineraries of the most 'interesting. And of course skiing in atmospheres and landscapes of rare beauty in the Alps Orobie Bergamo. Even in winter the tourist offer of the valley and 'absolute quality'. The ski resort ski Bergamo more 'known and most' ancient lineage and 'definitely Foppolo, already' in the 30 destination for skiers from Bergamo and Milan and now also known outside our borders, soppratutto in England, its accommodation offers 400 hotel beds and several thousand apartments. Foppolo and 'the center of the district, one of which also includes Brembo Ski San Simone and Carona Carisole stations of origin more' recently but already 'proven and aggressive. In the valley of the western Brembo are then Piazzatorre, where he 'proceeded recently to a radical renewal of the lifts and where you can practice ice hockey. The most recent of the ski resorts of the valley and 'Valtorta, connected with the Plans of Bobbio, major winter sports Valsassina. But it 's just the slope Bergamasco to offer the best slopes and the most' interesting for the skier. But the Brembana Valley offers a variety of 'also to lovers of skiing and skiing in close contact with the nature. Brembana Valley you can ski on more 'than forty lifts, modern chairlifts from 1,000 to 2,200 meters, over a hundred kilometers of slopes, from the most' easy to the most 'challenging.

Stazioni sciistiche della Valle Brembana

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