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Station SKI Valtorta

  • CERESOLE 1.400 /1.750 m - chair Lift
  • BABY: 1.400 /1.600 m - Length 500 m - skilift

Webcam di Valtorta/ Piani di Bobbio:
Webcam Valtorta Ceresola (1300 m)    Webcam Orscellera Piani di Bobbio (1950 m)    Webcam Zuccone Campelli

The ski station of Valtorta Piani di Bobbio is the newest in Brembana Valley. The connection with Piani di Bobbio makes this ski station one of the up modern ski Station in Lombardy. The Ski Station is composed most by intermediate slopes (red), however is pretty good indicated for novices and the experts can enjoy at the slopes called "Cedrino", "Nube Bianca" and "Tre Signori", which are usually the richest of snow and they hold out with snow across the months.

Sciare Valtorta Piani di Bobbio Bergamo The Ski Arear is placed at the center of a cirlce, composed by beautiful mountains leaded by Pizzo Tre Signori.

how to reach the Ski Station of Valtorta:
From Bergamo (52 km) follow the Val Brembana road untill you the village of Olmo al Brembo, after then follow a provincial road (first fork at the left) heading Valle Stabina till Valtorta Piani di Bobbio. Once you got the town there are still 4 km driving heading Piani di Bobbio.

Hotels Valtorta SKI

Albergo Pizzo Tre Signori
is well placed in the village of Valtorta at the feet of the mountains. All the rooms are equipped with private services and TV. Valtorta is a good village for practicing winter sports (just 50 km from Bergamo) and it's dipped in the green of the forests and pastures.